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December 01, 2005



Awesome! What a great picture!


Yeah, that photo really did come out well. I'm kind of glad they went with that one, though, a part of me wishes it could have been me. :)


Cool pic! How does it feel to be the face of blogging in L.A.?


Hey thanks. Yeah, it was a great photo. However you gotta give it up to Los Angeles - she's got all looks down.

As far as being the face of blogging in la... that's cool, I just hope I can live up to all her looks.

e d scott

Congrats on the TIMES article. I'm checkin' out your blog because I saw you there.

Times Reader

Great pic...you put a graceful face on what seems to be a snarky, snarly el lay blogasphere...now i'm gonna check out what you have to say. Hope it's graceful, too.


Wow, I expected you'd have a lot more comments by now!!! The paper has been out for almost a whole day and you've only got six so far??? Well, here's another for you. The photos are quite good indeed, and your words caught my attention more than most of the rest of the article. Well, that and the fact that we're in the same 'hood, don't you just love it here??? Now I'm going to have to add your blog to my library of frequently visited blogs!!!


Lots of folks are blogstalkers... I'm watching ya in my stats. heh. Yeah, snarky LA blogosphere, just like everything/where else. I hope you enjoyed my words.

Bob Burgan

Enjoyed your recent posts about the Sunset area. Used to date a girl over there. I'd like to have you on my Bloglines page from google. Bobyourlifepreserver.blogspot.com

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