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October 13, 2004



Memory or unmemory, this actually sounds like something that I did in college. It involved an animal in the road that I think I probably should have hit instead of tumbling sideways down an embankment. All my stuff -- garage door opener, coins, pencils, even the watch off my arm -- ended up in a field. But as you (un)remember about your case, I was surprised how small that embankment was in the morning.

Hey, you saw Toby Dammit. Cool. I like to drive like Toby with my teeth clinched. Probably works better with a convertible. And I don't even have driving gloves.


I should have said that last line was driving off onto the blacktop... I'm still not sure if it happened or not... if it didn't - this is how I would like it to happen. If it did, well then, it was exactly the way I wanted to experience it.

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